Cosmetic Laser Surgery Benefits

Laser technology has come a long way from being a staple in science fiction movies and the manufacturing industry. Today, it is commonly found in the medical setting as well. Among the many uses that it has, cosmetic laser surgery has been on the rise in recent years. The procedure, known as laser resurfacing, is a controlled heating of facial skin to remove wrinkles, lines and even spots as a result of sun damage. Only the skin’s surface layers are treated with lasers.

Pasadena Surgeons uses laser treatments to correct the following:

  • Acne scars
  • Lines that have formed as a result of repeated facial expressions, also known as mechanical wrinkles
  • Folds and creases around the mouth and crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Blemishes and hyperpigmentation due to sun damage
  • Large pores

It is important that the surgeon you choose works with quality laser machine, like Dr. Frenchman uses at Pasadena Surgeons. There are a few popular kinds in the market today such as the carbon-dioxide (CO2), Erbium: YAG, holmium: YAG, neodymium: YAG, argon ion, Q switched Nd:YAG and the flashlamp pulsed dye laser. Each one of these is differentiated on the basis of their wavelength and the energy light produces.

Finding the right doctor is key to you being happy with the final results. While faces differ, the skin’s aging process is something that affects all of us. Dr. Frenchman, a board certified doctor, will be able to understand your skin’s structure and predict the treatment’s effects on your skin type.

Finding a doctor that does well in all these aspects is essential. Take a look at the benefits of the procedure:

  • The healing and recovery time is very low compared to other treatments such as plastic surgery
  • Ideal for procedures such as removing capillaries and evening skin tone
  • No downtime. One can usually return to their normal routine right after the treatment.

For more information about our laser treatments or to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Frenchman, please contact us today.

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