Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments – Cautions for the Summer Months

Two of the ways to achieve great looking skin involves the use of chemical peels and laser treatments. Such serious, skin-related procedures require a knowledgeable medical staff, especially during the summer when your skin is most vulnerable. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about skin care treatment.

Approaching Chemical Peels and Laser Treatment Cautiously

Although chemical peels and laser treatments can work remarkably to minimize severe skin issues, they must be taken seriously. It’s important to note that chemical peels are exactly what they sound like, chemical solutions applied as a facial mask. Therefore, ensuring you go to a reputable doctor with an equally competent staff is vital in avoiding potential damage, especially during the summer when the sun is particularly potent.

Chemical peels are used to alleviate severe skin issues or imperfections like redness, acne, age spots, rough skin, scars, and more. Although chemical peels are designed to help with skin issues, if not done correctly by a trustworthy medical professional, like Dr. Frenchman, bad reactions can occur. Similarly to chemical peels, laser treatments are meant to tighten the skin and to reduce imperfections like wrinkles or discoloration. Like chemical peels, laser treatments can have nasty consequences if not performed by respectable medical professionals. During the summer, both of these treatments must be met with caution and wearing sunscreen is of utmost importance because your skin is more susceptible to harm.
Erasing Sun Damage with IPL

Although many procedures designed to erase sun damage can be invasive, there are also safe, non-invasive treatments available. One of the most effective ways to eliminate sun damage is through the Limelight System. The Limelight System, as used by Pasadena Surgeons, is renowned for offering amazing skin benefits through the use of intense pulsed light (IPL), which utilizes a wider range of the light spectrum, making it safer than laser treatments. As Dr. Frenchman answers in this FAQ on sun damage, through IPL, individuals will see remarkable results in as little as 2-4 sessions with minimal redness and sensitivity. Medical experts suggest using IPL during the winter, because your skin is less frequently exposed to harmful UVA/UVB rays, allowing you to fully enjoy the best results.

Clearly, there are many options for erasing sun damage. Whether you want to try a chemical peel, laser treatment, or IPL, with the help of reputable medical professionals, you will undoubtedly feel confident and happier with your skin.

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