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Hand Injury Surgery

Our hands are some of our most precious commodities. They enable us to perform the basic activities of life and also help us do the things that make our lives enjoyable. Without their full use, we can become significantly disabled and are prevented from getting the most out of life.

Unfortunately, as much as 25 percent of ER visits involve some sort of injury to the hand or wrist. Car accidents, falls, kitchen accidents, sports injuries, and industrial accidents, are just a few of the ways we damage our hands. These delicate balance of structures, which make our hands the wonderful instruments they are, must be protected by an expert.

Once injured, whether the tendon or nerve is cut, ligaments strained or ruptured, or bone is broken, there comes an inherent risk of stiffness and loss of strength. This can lead to the potential for developing debilitating arthritis in the future. Because of the complexity of the hand, fingers, and wrist, and the delicate balance between all of the associated structures, Pasadena Surgeons recommends that you get thoroughly examined and treated by a board certified hand surgeon. Preferably, as soon as possible after the injury. This avoids misdiagnosis or late diagnosis and ensures the best possible outcome without delay.

Hand Injury Surgery Experience

Dr. Lakshman has completed an orthopedic hand fellowship and is board certified in Surgery of the Hand. He has extensive experience in treating trauma to the hand and wrist. He is uniquely qualified to get patients the best possible result. Dr. Lakshman will take his time to thoroughly explain the procedure and ease your fears. After surgery, he will personally provide the follow up care and not outsource the job to a lesser trained assistant. He even changes the post-operative dressings and splints and removes his own sutures! When the best treatment indicates therapy, he will refer you to certified hand therapists that he has personally vetted and trusts from years of collaboration. We believe that this type of continuity and communication ensures the best results for our patients.

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