New Mommy Makeover Deluxe Procedure Now Available In Pasadena

Pasadena Surgeons, a clinic in Pasadena, CA, is proud to announce that they have launched a brand new cosmetic surgical procedure designed for women who want to get back the figures they had before giving birth. Dr. Shankar Lakshman who performs the procedure is now a dual board certified MD. The Mommy Makeover Deluxe is not offered anywhere else in Los Angeles. Full details about the procedure are available through the clinic’s website at

Dr. Shankar Lakshman says: “The Mommy Makeover Deluxe combines two of our most popular surgeries, The Mommy Makeover and the Brazilian Butt Lift. We complete the procedures in two stages 8 weeks apart in either order. I have worked hard to develop the safety, artistry and expertise that you have come to expect and the results have been fabulous.”

The Mommy Makeover, also known as the MMO, combines the breast augmentation and/or breast lift with the tummy tuck. The Deluxe package adds the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) to this. This procedure uses the body’s own fat to enhance and augment the gluteal area.

As the procedure is new to the clinic, those who book for it during the month of February will be able to receive special rates. Prospective patients are encouraged to contact the clinic to book their consultation, or visit the website. All prices are inclusive of an overnight hospital stay, follow-up visits and garments.

The clinic has also released a video that shows potential patients what to expect during their visit. They can watch a patient consultation, which will enable them to be fully prepared for their own visit. The videos come in five parts, which effectively document the journey one patient went through from consultation to full recovery and final results.

Pasadena Surgeons is one of the most respected clinics of its kind in the area and they have received numerous positive reviews. “I love Doctor Lakshman. He is so cool and his work is always on point,” says Jessica C. Being the only surgeon in the area to offer the deluxe mommy makeover procedure, it is likely that their popularity will only increase over the next few weeks and months.

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