Health Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

When people hear the words “plastic surgery” or “cosmetic surgery”, what often comes to mind is surgery for appearance only, such as what celebrities do to maintain their youthful appearances. However, there are other surgeries performed by board certified doctors, such as Dr. Lakshman, that fall into a second category. These treatments are actually beneficial to a patients’ health and improve their appearance. Tummy tucks is one type of plastic surgery that falls in this latter category. Read on and learn about some of the health benefits from this surgery.

What Are Tummy Tucks?

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a type of major surgery that people choose to help them have a flatter stomach. The procedure involves taking out extra skin and fat from the stomach area, while tightening the muscles at the same time. While some look at this surgery as a way to avoid diet and exercise, it’s actually used to help patients with certain health issues.

Weight Loss & Healthy Living

Tummy tucks, which are rarely covered by health insurance, are frequently performed after bariatric surgery, which is done to reduce the size of the stomach and help the patient lose weight. When these two surgeries are done together, the patient has a much better chance to keep the weight off. Maintaining a healthy weight promotes more energy to focus on regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Once patients have lost excess weight, they’ve reduced their risk of health hazards such as stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Mental Outlook

The better we look, the better we often feel. People who are overweight may experience a low self image, which can affect them in both their personal and professional lives. Dr. Lakshman’s experience is that people who have had an abdominoplasty generally have a more positive outlook on themselves and their lives. This can help them in many areas of their lives such as improved personal relationships and more confidence professionally as well.

Back Problems

People who are overweight are often more prone to suffer from back problems, due to a heavy abdominal area as well as just carrying those excess pounds around. Having this type of cosmetic surgery can be an excellent way to eliminate the constant back pain that may be preventing patients from doing the things they enjoy. Fewer back problems also equal fewer medical bills and days lost at work.

Skin Irritations

People who are vary overweight often suffer from rashes and skin irritations on the abdominal overhang that is often found with this condition. A tummy tuck has an additional benefit as it removes this excess skin and lessens the chance of uncomfortable skin irritations.

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