Platelet Rich Plasma to Reduce Wrinkles

The advancements in face lift cosmetic surgery have resulted in an increased popularity of the various treatments available. However, the idea of botox injections or other chemical means of reducing wrinkles or fine lines may not appeal to everyone. As an alternative, many 30 and 40-something women and men are now turning to new, innovative Platelet Rich Plasma treatments.

Usually abbreviated as PRP, this radically different yet effective cosmetic treatment for sagging facial skin is favored by those who expect immediate results that are long-lasting. While a bit more expensive than other outpatient procedures, Platelet Rich Plasma is becoming very popular in the anti-aging conversation due to many benefits.

How It Works
Blood plasma is mostly made up of water and a small percentage of its mass is special proteins, clot-forming platelets, white cells, and antibodies. Blood carries agents that are used by the body to combat tissue damage and degradation. When a supply of nutrients is needed by other cells in the body for the purpose of regeneration or accelerated tissue growth – such as after a cut or scrape – the blood supplies these molecular compounds in abundance.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are relatively simple. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and spun in a centrifuge until the red cells are separated from the plasma. The blood platelets remain in this top, less dense layer of liquid.

The plasma can then be used either as a spot filler or as a full-face treatment chemical. For spot treatments, the plasma is mixed with ingredients that turn it into a gelatinous mass. If a full-face treatment is desired, the plasma is injected in its natural state. The plasma is directed to areas just beneath the skin surface, and the immediate, natural stimulation of stem cells rebuilds collagen.

An Effective, Long-Lasting Treatment
Unlike Botox or other treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma activates skin cells that are lying dormant or are unable to grow and divide properly due to the aging process. The skin continues to smooth out over the next few weeks, revealing more youthful, firm skin.

Before undergoing this revolutionary treatment, patients should consult with a board certified doctor, such as Dr. Frenchman, who performs PRP. In most cases, a few specifically targeted areas of the face are chosen, as most individuals do not require a full face lift treatment.

PRP cosmetic surgery is perhaps misnamed. This is in consideration of the fact that injection alone is all that is required to perform the filler procedure. The skin is otherwise not altered in any way through the use of surgical instruments.

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