How to Prepare for Tummy Tuck Surgery

As women enter their 30s and 40s, age seems to catch up a little too fast. The babies are now elementary school age, with extracurricular activities scheduled for almost everyday. It can be more and more difficult to find time to exercise. Although a woman may look spectacular, that nagging belly is often a frustrating addition to the body. Through cosmetic surgery improvements, tummy tuck procedures are more common everyday. Prepare for this surgery, along with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Shankar Lakshman at Pasadena Surgeons.

Consultation Considerations

During a basic tummy tuck consultation, Dr. Lakshman will learn a patient’s goals for their procedure. A flabby abdomen is easily altered with either a complete or partial tummy tuck. The doctor takes the patient’s measurements and examines the abdominal area. Each case is unique, requiring many questions for the best procedure planning. In general, a complete abdominoplasty is much more invasive than a partial. Patients need more weeks of recovery between the two procedures.

Smoking And Eating Habits

Cosmetic surgery is very stressful on the body. Dr. Lakshman will ask patients about their daily habits. If smoking is part of the daily routine, it must be stopped for at least six weeks before the surgery and two weeks after the surgery, during the recovery period. Smoking contributes to serious complications, making healing more difficult after the procedure. It is crucial to continue eating normally and balanced meals should be the rule. Avoid junk food and excessive fast food. Balanced meals of protein, vegetables, fruits and grains are critical for a healthy body and a fast recovery.

Stock Up The House

Patients will be in some pain when they return home. Have all the comforts of home ready to go. Stock up the freezer with ice packs for the surgery site, along with plenty of drinking water. Prepare the shower for a sitting position. Borrow or buy a shower chair with a hose extension for the shower head. Stretching the torso after a tuck procedure is painful and should be avoided to encourage safe healing. Loose shirts and shorts should be easily accessible in nearby drawers. Avoid wearing tight clothing during recovery. Patients should be as comfortable as possible.

Who’s Driving?

A friend or family member needs to be on-hand to drive a patient home after the tummy tuck procedure. It is even a good idea to have that loved one remain at the home to keep the patient cared for during the next several days. The initial recovery period can be tiring, so a welcome face is a perfect way to pass the time.

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